Final Book Group…..EVER….Just joking we are back after Easter :P

Hello Readers!

It is the last book group until after Easter. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and get a visit from the Easter Bunny 🙂

This week’s book was The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable. 

The plot follows orphan Londoner Sophie Smith as she travels to Russia on a school trip with her two best friends. What she isn’t expecting is to be abandoned at a deserted train station before being whisked away to the Volkonsky Winter Palace where she meets the princess Anna Volkonskaya. It’s up to Sophie and her friends to uncover the mysteries of the palace and what Princess Anna Volkonskaya has planned for Sophie and her friends. Along the way Sophie uncovers some secrets about herself and meets some haunting wolves. The book is full of beautiful detailed descriptions of ice castles and snowy Russia.

Eliza – ‘I liked how there were Russian words in the book as it made it feel more exciting’

Lily-‘The Princess was very mysterious you didn’t know what would happen next’

Overall The Wolf Princess was rated 3/5

We are now taking bookings for the Summer Term. If you would like to be part of Pickled Pepper’s Book Group then send us an email or pop into the shop to fill out a form and confirm your place. 🙂 We hope to see some familiar faces and some newbies for next term!

Holly 🙂

Penultimate Book Group

Hello Readers, I hope you all had a fun World Book Day dressed up as your favourite book characters and have spent your token. Yet if you haven’t don’t worry you have until the 29th March! Pop into the shop we still have The World Book Day books on display 🙂

This week we read The Dreamsnatcher By Abi Elphinstone which received positive reviews all round!

Nania – ‘Really good! It left you in suspense for the sequel which I’m super excited for’

Rhiannon- ‘My favourite character was Griff the wildcat as he was really smart’

Overall book group rated it a 4/5

The Dreamsnatcher follows the story of a 12 year old girl named Molly Pecksniff who is an orphan that has grown up with a group of gypsys. When she starts to have a reoccurring nightmare that draws her into the woods she realises that she’s in danger but she is the only one that can stop The Dreamsnatcher from his dark magic. Along with the help of Griff her wildcat, best friend Siddy and the mysterious boy Alfie she embarks on an adventure to uncover the truth about The Dreamsnatcher. If you want a book filled with magic and suspense with unexpected twists and turns then you should check out The Dreamsnatcher!

The book chosen this week is The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable.

Holly 🙂

Waffle Hearts

Hiya guys! Hope you had an enjoyable half term, What did you do? sleepovers with your besties? Baking? Dancing? Skateboarding? Crafting? Hopefully you had time for some READING too :p

This weeks title was Waffle Hearts by Marie Parr and oh snap was it a hit or what! I mean our book groupers rated it a 5/5 gushing about how funny and enjoyable it was.

Lottie- ‘It was super funny, the crazy things that happened made me laugh out loud’

Naina-‘full of adventure and I loved the girl Lena, when she started something she just kept at it which made her a really strong character’

Waffle Hearts follows nine year old Trille and his best friend Lena who live in a small town by the sea in the Norwegian Fjords, they also happen to be next door neighbours! (how awesome would it be to live right next to your BFF?) Read on to discover the crazy mischief these two get up including some busking of Christmas carols, a wild bonfire and a load of animals thrown into the mix, not forgetting Granny’s delicious waffles which are the best in the world! If you’re a fan of Pippy Longstocking and want a light-hearted book that carefully deals with some important issues but is filled with humour and fun then this is the book for you!

The book chosen this week by our book groupers is The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone.

Holly  🙂

The Deadly 7

Helloooo readers! Hope you’re all well and happy 🙂

This weeks book was The Deadly 7 by Garth Jennings which received pretty good reviews from our book groupers. They rated it a 4/5!

The plot follows a boy named Nelson who gets shipped off to live with his crazy uncle Pogo when his sister goes missing on a school trip. However when Nelson stumbles across a ancient machine that was once used to bring out the seven deadly sins from a persons soul he manages to activate it. POOOF Nelson is now officially stuck with seven stinky, ugly and embarrassing new buddies to help him track down his sister. His parents are in on the search party and nelson won’t be left behind!

If you want a book of mystery, adventure and travelling across the globe with seven smelly monsters then this book is the one for you!

Taila- ‘It had a surprising ending which you were not expecting’

Frankie-‘an odd book with some weird situations but really funny’

The title chosen this week is Waffle Hearts by Maria Parr.

Holly 🙂

The Winter Horses!

Hey guys, Hope you’ve had a good week, we actually got snow! (for one day only) Did you have a snowball fight? Make some snow angels? I managed to make a mini snowman 😛 I’m sad it didn’t last for longer though!

Anyways this week book was The Winter Horses By Philip Kerr and goodness me it was a book that gave you the feels! Our book groupers rated it a 4/5

The story tells the tale of a man named Maxim Borisovich Melnik or Max for short as he is told to slaughter all the animals on the reserve before the Nazis invade. Then Jewish girl Kalinka aged 15 turns up on his doorstep with the last remaining Przewalski’s horses he takes her in and realises the danger they both face if caught. The clock is ticking to see if they can reach safety in time.  This book was rather intense and certainty not recommended for people who don’t want to read about animal killings which some of our readers didn’t really enjoy.

However because ‘the storyline is full of suspense, whether or not they get caught, you can’t put it down’ says Seb a fellow book grouper

(SPOILER) Naina comments that the book was ‘sad and beautiful because of the amount of death but it did get that happy ending’

This weeks title is The Deadly 7 By Garth Jennings.

Holly 🙂

Happy New Year Book Group!

Hello readers, Happy 2015! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are enjoying being back at school :p Book Group is back and we are so happy to see familiar faces along with some new additions to the Pickled Pepper Book Group.

The book that was chosen last meet up was The Luck Uglies by Paul Durham, which received mixed reviews from our readers. Some thought it was a bit too upsetting and quite scary at times while others couldn’t put it down, as it was full of mystery and excitement. Overall the book was rated 3/5

The Luck Uglies follows 11 year-old Rye O’Chanter who lives in a village with an evil ruler. However the village is under threat by the frightening Bog Noblins who can only be stopped by the secret society called The Luck Uglies. As Rye searches into the history of The Luck Uglies she begins to uncover astounding secrets. If you want a book full of magic, adventure and page turning twists then The Luck Uglies is the one for you!

This week’s title is The Winter Horses by Philip Kerr.

Happy Reading!

Holly 🙂

Last Book Group of 2014! :Os

Book Groups ‘Dream Family’

Hello Readers! Happy December 🙂 How excited are you for school to break up for Christmas? Because I sure can’t wait! Are you spending Christmas in the sun this year like one of our fellow book groupers *cough Australia! How cool is that!* or chilling at home, hoping for snow 😛

This week we read The Parent Agency By David Baddiel and oh my goodness it was a hit! Book groupers dreamt up their perfect family members or home, we mushed them all together to get Book Groups ‘Dream Family!’book group

The story follows a boy named Barry who seems pretty unsatisfied with his life. First off he really does not like his name and his parents, in his opinion they’re extremely boring! Then one day something magical happens and Barry is transported into an alternate universe (which mirrors reality but with some dramatic changes!) In this world there is such a place where children can choose their parents! Otherwise known as The Parent Agency or P.T.A for short :p Barry thinks this is amazing. However the parents he picked aren’t exactly what he was asking for….follow Barry on his crazy adventure and meet characters with some very long peculiar names!

Our book group rated The Parent Agency 5/5! They thought it was spectacular 🙂

Naina aged 9 says ‘It is the most funny book ever in the entire world!’ while other book grouper Talia wishes ‘she could have a butler who would get her anything she wants’.

Want to join? We’re recruiting newbies who are eager to be part of the Pickled Pepper Book Group. Bookings taken in the shop and via phone.

Holly 🙂