Penultimate Book Group

Hello Readers, I hope you all had a fun World Book Day dressed up as your favourite book characters and have spent your token. Yet if you haven’t don’t worry you have until the 29th March! Pop into the shop we still have The World Book Day books on display 🙂

This week we read The Dreamsnatcher By Abi Elphinstone which received positive reviews all round!

Nania – ‘Really good! It left you in suspense for the sequel which I’m super excited for’

Rhiannon- ‘My favourite character was Griff the wildcat as he was really smart’

Overall book group rated it a 4/5

The Dreamsnatcher follows the story of a 12 year old girl named Molly Pecksniff who is an orphan that has grown up with a group of gypsys. When she starts to have a reoccurring nightmare that draws her into the woods she realises that she’s in danger but she is the only one that can stop The Dreamsnatcher from his dark magic. Along with the help of Griff her wildcat, best friend Siddy and the mysterious boy Alfie she embarks on an adventure to uncover the truth about The Dreamsnatcher. If you want a book filled with magic and suspense with unexpected twists and turns then you should check out The Dreamsnatcher!

The book chosen this week is The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable.

Holly 🙂


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