Waffle Hearts

Hiya guys! Hope you had an enjoyable half term, What did you do? sleepovers with your besties? Baking? Dancing? Skateboarding? Crafting? Hopefully you had time for some READING too :p

This weeks title was Waffle Hearts by Marie Parr and oh snap was it a hit or what! I mean our book groupers rated it a 5/5 gushing about how funny and enjoyable it was.

Lottie- ‘It was super funny, the crazy things that happened made me laugh out loud’

Naina-‘full of adventure and I loved the girl Lena, when she started something she just kept at it which made her a really strong character’

Waffle Hearts follows nine year old Trille and his best friend Lena who live in a small town by the sea in the Norwegian Fjords, they also happen to be next door neighbours! (how awesome would it be to live right next to your BFF?) Read on to discover the crazy mischief these two get up including some busking of Christmas carols, a wild bonfire and a load of animals thrown into the mix, not forgetting Granny’s delicious waffles which are the best in the world! If you’re a fan of Pippy Longstocking and want a light-hearted book that carefully deals with some important issues but is filled with humour and fun then this is the book for you!

The book chosen this week by our book groupers is The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone.

Holly  🙂


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