The Winter Horses!

Hey guys, Hope you’ve had a good week, we actually got snow! (for one day only) Did you have a snowball fight? Make some snow angels? I managed to make a mini snowman 😛 I’m sad it didn’t last for longer though!

Anyways this week book was The Winter Horses By Philip Kerr and goodness me it was a book that gave you the feels! Our book groupers rated it a 4/5

The story tells the tale of a man named Maxim Borisovich Melnik or Max for short as he is told to slaughter all the animals on the reserve before the Nazis invade. Then Jewish girl Kalinka aged 15 turns up on his doorstep with the last remaining Przewalski’s horses he takes her in and realises the danger they both face if caught. The clock is ticking to see if they can reach safety in time.  This book was rather intense and certainty not recommended for people who don’t want to read about animal killings which some of our readers didn’t really enjoy.

However because ‘the storyline is full of suspense, whether or not they get caught, you can’t put it down’ says Seb a fellow book grouper

(SPOILER) Naina comments that the book was ‘sad and beautiful because of the amount of death but it did get that happy ending’

This weeks title is The Deadly 7 By Garth Jennings.

Holly 🙂


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