The Deadly 7

Helloooo readers! Hope you’re all well and happy 🙂

This weeks book was The Deadly 7 by Garth Jennings which received pretty good reviews from our book groupers. They rated it a 4/5!

The plot follows a boy named Nelson who gets shipped off to live with his crazy uncle Pogo when his sister goes missing on a school trip. However when Nelson stumbles across a ancient machine that was once used to bring out the seven deadly sins from a persons soul he manages to activate it. POOOF Nelson is now officially stuck with seven stinky, ugly and embarrassing new buddies to help him track down his sister. His parents are in on the search party and nelson won’t be left behind!

If you want a book of mystery, adventure and travelling across the globe with seven smelly monsters then this book is the one for you!

Taila- ‘It had a surprising ending which you were not expecting’

Frankie-‘an odd book with some weird situations but really funny’

The title chosen this week is Waffle Hearts by Maria Parr.

Holly 🙂


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