Last Book Group of 2014! :Os

Book Groups ‘Dream Family’

Hello Readers! Happy December 🙂 How excited are you for school to break up for Christmas? Because I sure can’t wait! Are you spending Christmas in the sun this year like one of our fellow book groupers *cough Australia! How cool is that!* or chilling at home, hoping for snow 😛

This week we read The Parent Agency By David Baddiel and oh my goodness it was a hit! Book groupers dreamt up their perfect family members or home, we mushed them all together to get Book Groups ‘Dream Family!’book group

The story follows a boy named Barry who seems pretty unsatisfied with his life. First off he really does not like his name and his parents, in his opinion they’re extremely boring! Then one day something magical happens and Barry is transported into an alternate universe (which mirrors reality but with some dramatic changes!) In this world there is such a place where children can choose their parents! Otherwise known as The Parent Agency or P.T.A for short :p Barry thinks this is amazing. However the parents he picked aren’t exactly what he was asking for….follow Barry on his crazy adventure and meet characters with some very long peculiar names!

Our book group rated The Parent Agency 5/5! They thought it was spectacular 🙂

Naina aged 9 says ‘It is the most funny book ever in the entire world!’ while other book grouper Talia wishes ‘she could have a butler who would get her anything she wants’.

Want to join? We’re recruiting newbies who are eager to be part of the Pickled Pepper Book Group. Bookings taken in the shop and via phone.

Holly 🙂


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