Winter is here!

Greetings book lovers! It’s officially winter now since all the leaves are falling off the trees, which seriously makes it tricky when walking to school with them being so slippery 😛 It’s so cold it could actually snow this year! (woopwoop!)

Last book group we read Olivia’s First Term by Lyn Gardner, which received rave reviews from our readers! I quote:

‘It was my absolute favourite book ever’ Bambi a.k.a Lily, aged 9.

The plot follows 12-year-old Olivia and her 7-year-old sister Eel as they start their first term at ‘The Swan Academy Of Theatre And Dance’ in London. It’s a big change for them as they settle into London life since they’ve been travelling the world with the circus. However it’s not all fun and games for Olivia who’s finding it difficult to fit in, she wants to be back with the circus practising walking the highwire yet as she starts to make friends precious objects start to mysteriously disappear and it’s up to Olivia to save the day.

Book groupers loved the character of Olivia, admiring her bravery and wishing they had her highwire skills, while they completely couldn’t stand Katie Wilkes-Cox because she was so rotten! (But that’s what makes a good book, characters you feel strong emotions towards as if they come alive.)

A story of friendship, courage with some ‘stage school brats’ thrown into the mix this book was rated 5/5!

Our next title is The Parent Agency By David Baddiel.

Holly 🙂


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