Hey guys! I hope everyone is settling back into school and you’re not getting too much homework!

Last weeks title was The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan which is the first book in the Kane Chronicles.

An action packed novel which was rated 5/5 by our book groupers! The story follows brother and sister Carter and Sadie as they battle the Gods of ancient Egypt. When the evil god of chaos, Set is accidentally unleashed Sadie and Carter must run for their lives. They are on a mission to save their father the amazing Egyptologist Dr Kane but time is ticking and its not long before Set catches up… *cue dramatic music* 😛

If you want a fast paced adventure novel with some scary Egyptian gods thrown in then The Red Pyramid is the one for you! Pop into the shop and tell us what you think you’d rate it out of 5 😛

This weeks chosen title for book group is The Poison Boy by Fletcher Moss. The next Book Group meeting is on the 6th October at 4.15! If you’re interested in attending one of our book groups give the shop a call.

Holly 🙂

Pickled Pepper books


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